About Me

Jennifer Tobola, RN, MPH, IBCLC

Background, Philosophy & Mission

I'm Jenn, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), a registered nurse and a mother of two young children. Born and raised in Southern California, I have lived in several states, but now call Virginia home. My career in women and children's health began sixteen years ago when I became a DONA certified birth doula for UNC Birth Partners program while working on my masters in public health. I enjoyed my experience as a doula so much that I pursued a career in nursing. Since then, I have worked primarily in women and children's nursing - including Pediatric Cardiology, Antenatal, Postpartum and 10 years in Labor & Delivery. Additionally, I served as OB Clinical Instructor for Oakland University School of Nursing in Michigan and most recently, was an inpatient lactation consultant for Sentara Norfolk General.


I come to your family with a strong clinical background - but more importantly a LOVE for what I do and compassion for those who are struggling because I've been there myself. My inspiration to become an IBCLC came 9 years ago after a very difficult experience nursing my first child. I started my own home visit lactation practice to serve the community of women who are receiving plenty of lactation support while in the hospital, but may encounter physical difficulties or have uncertainty about breastfeeding once at home.


My philosophy is that breastfeeding is more than a physical experience. It can also be an emotional challenge, taking a toll on your confidence and overall experience. What seemed like an 'organic and easy' way to feed your baby has now turned into a 24/7 struggle. I know this and you are not alone. I can help!

My mission is to provide non-judgmental, compassionate support and education for all families who are facing breastfeeding difficulties in the early postpartum period...and beyond. Whether your plan is to exclusively breastfeed, pump breast milk into a bottle, or combine breastfeeding and formula feeding, I will support in you in whatever way you need. I want you to achieve your breastfeeding goals - whatever that may look like.

So if you are having physical or emotional challenges with your breastfeeding at any stage, please do not be discouraged, and contact me. A slight adjustment or a different perspective can make a big difference in your breastfeeding journey. 


And lastly, be kind to yourself. There is no wrong way to feed your baby. You are already doing a great job. 

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