In-Home Consults
All consultations are provided in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
"I won't leave until you're more confident than when I arrived"

Breastfeeding Consult


Receive at-home support and education for any of your breastfeeding challenges: sore/cracked/bleeding nipples, latch/positioning difficulties, infant weight loss, low milk supply issues, engorgement, milk transfer assessment, oversupply, confidence counseling, breastfeeding after breast surgery...and more.


This 2 hr visit includes a thorough history, an observation and assessment of a breastfeeding session, and a customized care plan based on interventions performed. A detailed report will be provided to your pediatrician upon request. 


Twins/triplets: $250

Follow-Up visit: $100 for each 1hr visit.

*If your issue is easily corrected, you may need only one visit. If your issue requires monitoring or another in-person evaluation, you may need to schedule a follow-up visit. 


​Are you returning to work but want personalized education to prepare for pumping? This consultation lasts about 1 hr and covers everything from pumping techniques, bottle feeding introduction and helping your caregiver support your breastfeeding relationship. 

*If we troubleshoot other issues you may be having, such as latch difficulties or infant weight loss concerns, you may be charged the initial Breastfeeding Consult fee. Thank you.

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