Insurance Info

Payment is due at time of visit, however all clients will be provided with a coded receipt (Superbill) to submit to their insurance companies for possible reimbursement. 


Please check with your insurance company about reimbursement for IBCLC services. Most visits with a lactation consultant are covered and reimbursable to some degree under your medical insurance plan. 

I am a TRICARE and Aetna authorized provider. Although I do not bill your insurance directly, all of my clients with these insurance policies get up to 95-100% of their visit reimbursed upon submission of my Superbill. 

The best way to find out if your insurance company will reimburse for my services is to call the member services number on the back of your insurance ID card and ask about your out-of-network coverage for lactation or breastfeeding services. Sometimes they will ask you for a procedure code or diagnosis code; typically I use 99404-33 for the procedure code and Z39.1 for the diagnosis code.

Home visits from an IBCLC are eligible Health Savings Account (HSA) expenses. If you have a HSA, you can use your Superbill to submit for reimbursement from your HSA funds. You may also use your HSA debit card to pay for the visit.
If you need breastfeeding help and have financial challenges, please contact me. Please do not let finances deter you from reaching your breastfeeding goals.
Payments accepted: Cash, Check, Credit Card, and HSA/FSA cards.
*Also, just FYI: All insurances must provide a breast pump under the Affordable Care Act. More info HERE. 

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